Backyard Camp


Backyard Camp is our way of bringing Camp Alvernia to you. We’ve taken care to make this program as easy as possible for parents, knowing that you have enough on your plate. It’s also the perfect program to give to your child’s baby-sitter or childcare provider. 

Not sure if you need a full-featured program?  We also have mini-boxes available with three activities per box.  Check out our mini-boxes here: Backyard Camp Mini-Boxes

Why choose our Backyard Camp program? For the same reasons you choose our in-person summer camp. Backyard Camp was created from scratch by the seasoned youth developers who make the Alvernia magic happen for your kids every summer, and it’s infused with our values and get-outside-and-play approach. 

Including: ⁣

  • Suggested daily schedule to establish a routine⁣
  • Activities with materials⁣
  • Themed special days⁣
  • Dedicated password-protected web page with video content⁣
  • Alternate programming for rainy day play⁣


Backyard Camp is available for three age ranges: 

Cormorant: ages 3-6

Osprey: ages 7-10

Eagle: ages 11-14


We currently have three boxes of programming available for purchase.  Each week can be purchased separately using the following links:

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3


Available for curbside pickup Wednesday - Sunday from 9am-4pm.

Local delivery is available within 10 miles for an additional fee.  Just choose local delivery when you check out.

Please contact with any questions.


Our Backyard Camp program assumes you have a few basic supplies available.  For your convenience, we are also offering a supplies box that includes a special red Camp Alvernia logo zip up pencil case.  Check it out: Supplies Box