Backyard Camp Mini-Box!

Backyard Camp Mini-Box!

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Not sure if you need a full-featured Backyard Camp? We've put together some great mini-boxes for you to try out some fun Backyard Camp activities with your kids.  We have two boxes per age group, read on for more info! 

Note: Some of these activities were included in Week 1-3 of Backyard Camp, so we've included the list of included activities below if you want to avoid repeats! 

Cormorant (ages 3-6)

Crafty Cormorants Mini-Box includes:
-Rock Buddy
-Popsicle Stick Sunburst Wreath
-Picture Frame

Sensory Sensation Mini-Box includes:
- Sand Tray Exploration and Molds
- Orbeez Sensory Exploration and Ball
- Kindness Ninja Boxes

Osprey (ages 7-10)
Osprey Arts & Crafts Mini-Box includes:
- Camp Flag
- "I Am Collage" and self-portrait
- Camp Bracelet Making

Outdoor Ospreys Mini-Box includes:
- Water Balloon Games
- Jump Rope Games
- Bubble Activities

Eagle (ages 11-14)
Eagle Cool Crafts mini-box
- Canvas Painting Project
- Indoor Basketball Hoop
- Refillable Water Bottle Craft
and bonus items like origami paper to try your hand at folding some amazing creations!

Eagle Great Outdoors Mini-Box includes:
- Bird Feeder Kit
- DIY Pine Tree Planter
- Kite Making 
plus bonus items like squirt guns to help you cool off and have some fun in the sun!